It all started when...

Ever since I captured my first photograph, I have been mesmerized by the entire experience.  I consider it the highest of privileges to be a part of the most important moments in someone's life, and cannot explain the joy I feel in capturing these moments that they will look back on forever.  I am passionate.  I absolutely love what I do - and I promise you it will show in my photographs!

What inspires me to do photography?  Life & love in general.  I think life is so amazing, and all the steps you take to fufill a happy life.  I feel like each and every one of those steps that you take to fufill that happy life, they need to be captured so those moments can be remembered forever.  I think love is one of the most beautiful things that everyone on this earth looks for.  For example - whether it's a love between a couple, or the love between kids & their parents, or a mom and her daughter, the love between a human and a dog, or the love between two best friends, love is everywhere and is so key to the essentials of having that happy life that we all strive to have.    


About your photographer..

My name is Nomo Akisawa and I am a professional wedding and portrait photographer based out of Vancouver B.C!  A little fact about me, I am a mother of two fur children.  My two beautiful pomeranians!  I am a major dog lover!

Just as every photograph is different, so too is every photographer. I like to think that I have developed my own style of photography. What is my style?  It's romantic, whimsical, elegant, couture, feminine, and soft.  I strive to be different, and my main goal is to capture the "dreamy" images. With the soft dreamy background that is carefully picked out with my vision, I also make sure that the subject is the main focus.  I strive to make each photo tell a story and watch for the unexpected moments - an unscripted kiss, a genuine laugh or even a casual smile says so much more that a forced posed image.  As far as wedding photography goes - I feel it's best when your pictures are captured by a hopeless romantic (which is me!).  To me, love is a kiss on the forehead, that look that the couple gives each other when no one is looking, that stroke of the hands on the face right before the kiss, or when the hands are ran through the hair.  These are the moments I wait for when shooting couples, which is one of the main reasons why I feel I am able to capture the romantic images I vision in my head.     

These moments can only be captured when my clients are comfortable with me.  As such, I put great effort into ensuring my clients feel as comfortable as possible throughout their session. I treat my clients like friends, and have developed countless lasting relationships with the individuals I've photographed. I hope you'll become one of them!